Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

299 Madison Avenue, PO Box 1936
Morristown, NJ 07962
P: 973-267-0555   F: 973-267-3555

Bio: Our history begins with the company's founding by Joseph J. Jacobs in 1947. Since then, we have gradually evolved from a one-man engineering consultant to the publicly traded, Fortune 500 company we are today.
About two-thirds of Jacobs' consistent growth comes from organic expansion as we serve the changing and growing needs of our customers. Because we partner with our clients and truly understand their business objectives, we work in the locations and industries where they need us to be; and we position ourselves to serve their needs effectively.
Another way Jacobs is able to continuously improve and grow is through acquisition. We have acquired more than 70 businesses, and each one has contributed to our reach and capabilities. Together, as Jacobs, we deliver the benefits of a fully integrated global organization.
Our rich history guides our growth, and the possibilities are limitless in terms of the company we are yet to become. But a few simple things remain constant throughout times of change:
our firm commitment to our relationship based business model; and our focus on safety, quality, and ethics are foundational to who we are.

Disciplines: Architectural, Civil-General, Civil-Structural, Civil - Transportation, Computer / Communications/Systems, Program / Construction Management, Electrical, Environmental, Design, Geotechnical, Hydrology, Land Development, Mechanical, Mining / Materials, Nuclear / Petroleum /'Energy, Planning, Water/Wastewater, Telecommunications

Primary Contact: Richard Tangel, Division VP - Buildings & Infrastructure Ame
Number of Employees: 400
Additional Contact(s): Jon Livingston - Outside Sales Manager -Buildings & Infrastructure Americas; Gary Morris - VP / Northeast Regional Operations Manager - Buildings & Infrastructure Americas; and Joely Jackowitz - Inside Sales Manager - Buildings & Infrastructure Americas

Additional Locations:
100 Walnut Avenue, Suite 604
Clark, NJ 07066



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