2016 Design Summit

Technical Presentations

Session I –
HSM: Unlocking Funding for Safer Highways
The Highway Safety Manual, a data driven approach to assessing highway safety, is a valuable engineering tool that is required to justify spending Highway Safety Improvement Program funds. The panel will show how an HSM analysis can support proposed safety improvements and unlock this funding source to improve NJ highway safety and meet federally mandated goals. As examples, the panel will present two design projects case studies and systemic improvements.
Session II –
Can You Dig It?
Utility identification, design, relocation and construction can be one of the most challenging parts of a construction project. This panel will present insightful and practical material on the most thought-provoking issues facing designers, contractors and administrators. The session topics will include Subsurface Utility Engineering, Utility Risk Management, Buy America, and Advanced Utility Relocations. Each topic will cover key elements and provide real-world examples to illustrate the must need to “know before you dig” information
Session III –
Practical Design
Delivering the “Right” Solution, in the “Right” Place, at the “Right” Time
Practical Design is an approach that focuses on scoping projects to stay within their core purpose and need by eliminating nonessential project elements, resulting in lower costs and improved value. However, in some cases it may be practical to add project elements when considering the long-range goals of the corridor. This panel will present case-study examples. Performance Based Practical Design, a new FHWA initiative that uses quantitative analysis to guide the decision making process, will also be discussed.
All sessions approved for continuing education credits in NJ and NY.