The 2017 Design Summit is focused on strengthening the working relationships between the New Jersey Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, and New Jersey’s consulting engineering profession. This signature event is intended as an information exchange, a discussion of best practices and lessons learned, and an opportunity to build a working partnership on behalf of the public we all serve.

This year’s sessions are:

Civil Integrated Management – Embrace the Future

CIM is to highway construction as BIM is to vertical construction. CIM integrates and exploits technologies such as GIS; 3D, 4D and/or 5D modelling, LiDAR; GPS; automated machine guidance and control; intelligent compaction; electronic signatures; mobile devices and electronic document management throughout a facility’s life cycle. CIM is quickly becoming the way projects are designed, constructed, operated and maintained. CIM may be used for planning, environmental assessment, surveying, construction, maintenance, asset management, and risk assessment. This panel will describe CIM, discuss FHWA incentives for adoption, clarify opportunities and challenges to implementation, reveal NJDOT initiatives and exhibit successful uses on real projects. Embrace the future of transportation engineering!

A Civil Union (The Marriage Between Design & Construction)

This panel will provide summit attendees with multiple perspectives of the project delivery process where both design and construction personnel have worked together to produce successful results that benefit the transportation industry and the public who use the state’s transportation infrastructure.

Mega Bridges

This panel will provide summit attendees with an insightful prospective regarding the challenges and successes of planning, designing and constructing a mega bridge project. Massive scale, enormous, expensive, and tremendously complicated are just some of the aspects that are inherent to these marvelous structures.

Attendees will be enthralled hearing about the Bayonne Bridge’s “Raise the Roadway” project. The navigable clearance of the bridge needed to be increased to accommodate today’s larger shipping vessels.   This bridge project presentation will explain the innovative technologies and methods that were employed to accomplish this herculean feat. Mega Bridges – size matters!

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