Geotechnical Engineering & Geology Panel

This panel will present information on evaluating drilled shafts, the design & implementation of the NJDOT Rockfall Mitigation Program, and the complexities of blasting design and execution.

The drilled shaft portion will focus on comparing and contrasting two non-destructive tests used in construction, as well as, providing an overview of the quality assurance and quality control that is needed for evaluating concrete quality and cover within drilled shafts.

In rockfall mitigation, attendees will learn about the numerous highway rock cuts contained within the NJ and will be provided a brief overview of the Rockfall Hazard Management System, as well as examples of hazardous conditions, design methodologies & specialized construction techniques.

The information presented in the blasting portion of this presentation will show attendees how close proximity to residential or commercial structures, as well as other environmental constraints, contribute to the complexities of blasting.

Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO)

This panel will provide summit attendees with an overview of the Department’s existing practices within Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSMO). TSMO is responsible for ensuring traffic flow by maximizing existing roadway capacity while minimalizing impacts of unusual events through operations and ITS design. This includes incident management, advance traveler information, advanced signal control, data collection, active traffic management, and “smart work zone” technologies.

The panel will provide a perspective on the different levels of Connected/Automated Vehicles (CAV), current research initiatives, impacts to State and local agencies and their infrastructure. The panel will delve into the challenges of connected and automated vehicles and the safety and mobility benefits along with a futuristic outlook on transportation in the 21st century and beyond.

PMRS – This changes everything!

Summit attendees will learn how this revolutionary new system is leveraging state of the art technology to propel the NJDOT into the forefront of digital project management. The technology will include mobile access, automated processing, digital plan review, electronic document management, electronic document routing and digital signature.

PMRS will be the single platform to manage programs and projects for the entire NJDOT. This new system will replace many outdated stand-alone systems and consolidate access to current cutting edge systems within the Department.

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