ACECNJ actively celebrates the accomplishments of consulting engineers and the role they play in the health, safety and quality of life of New Jersey’s nine million residents and the betterment of society through the built environment. We celebrate these achievements in many ways, including:

Engineering Excellence Awards (EEA)

EEA recognizes and celebrates engineering achievements that demonstrate the highest degree of skill and ingenuity among firms. The winners of this annual competition are recognized at our annual Awards Banquet, which in 2021 celebrated its 50th year!

Awards and Honors

Awards and honors which recognize the accomplishments of individuals who have advanced the mission of ACECNJ in an extraordinary way. ACECNJ presents a number of individual achievement awards each year at its Awards Banquet.


Scholarships that recognize the academic accomplishments of future Professional Engineers. ACECNJ awards a large number of scholarships each year to eligible students from New Jersey’s engineering schools. The scholarship program is one way that ACECNJ is working to cultivate the next generation of Professional Engineers.